"Quality over quantity"

translating my imagination into gold


If you ask me quality is always better than quantity and that is what I think about when making every single one of my pieces. I assume they will be worn a lifetime. I am an alumni of The Fashion Institute of Technology school for design where I learned to translate my imagination into gold.

By working closely with my skilled team of jewelers, setters and polishers we are proudly able to offer direct to consumer pricing worldwide. Unlike most retailers we completely manufacture our pieces in-house in our New York showroom therefore eliminating the distributor price mark-up, what you receive is direct to consumer wholesale pricing and excellent quality jewelry pieces.

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Gold and only gold.

I hope you enjoy your new keepsake jewelry and come back for more!

Feel free to contact us with any questions or to customize any item.

I hope you enjoy my offerings! 
Yours, Biana Maria