Our Story

Nostalgii Jewelry is a New York-based fine jewelry brand on a mission to create timeless and current wearable heirlooms. Founded in 2012 by Biana Marie a Fashion Institute of Technology Alumni and GIA gemologist.

Our pieces are crafted from 14K gold are always solid-never filled, plated or vermeil. All of our gemstones are natural and mined from earth as we believe gold is the only metal worth wearing. Our diamonds are ethically sourced using the Kimberley Process, each one of our stones is meticulously selected for the highest cut, color and clarity.

Our precious and semi-precious gemstones are all natural mined from earth, each one sourced and individually hand selected by expert gemologists for it’s highest color saturation and brilliance. Our gemstones include custom cuts to accommodate some of the most intricate designs for our limited designed in-house handmade collections.

Biana’s ideology is that jewelry should be delicate and modern, sexy but elegant, her pieces are meant to be worn everyday seamlessly blending with current fashion trends while being significant enough to be heirloom worthy.

Biana's exclusive designs are all available at nostalgiijewelry.com

All of our diamonds

Are 100% natural conflict-free and hand-selected through a very tedious process ensuring each stone is of the highest cut, color, and clarity.

Only 14K Recycled Gold

Gold will always stand the test of time, it will never tarnish or fade and always feels great wearing it

Long-lasting Meaningful Jewelry

We wanted to deliver unique, timeless, classic, and yet modern fine jewelry that’s long-lasting, meaningful, affordable, and that can be passed on from generation to generation.

If you are looking for handmade jewelry that's special, unique, and timeless, you are at the right place. Every piece is crafted with solid gold - no cheap metals here. And if you're in the market for some sparkle, we use natural and ethically sourced diamonds to add a touch of allure to our minimalist designs.

We are here thanks to you!

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